Hey! I'm new to this Wiki. I'm going to share some facts about myself.

  • My name is Gabriela.
  • My birthday is on February 11th.
  • I'm 15 years old.
  • I love cupcakes.
  • I love watching Disney Channel.
  • I love singing, dancing, writing, acting, reading and baking.
  • My favorite subjects are History & Science.
  • I play the guitar and keyboard.
  • I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish.
  • I'm a V-Lover, Directioner, Jorgista, Tinista, Comellista, Mechista and Dovelie.
  • I love Liv & Maddie and Violetta!
  • Cloud 9 is my favorite movie.
  • I admire so much Dove Cameron.

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