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Nick is portrayed by Mike Manning.


Nick is a very sour boy. He is seen as the main antagonist. Nick is shown to be competitive to everyone especially Will.


Kayla Morgan (2014- present Ex-Girlfriend; Former Teammate; Crush)Edit

Nick tricked Kayla so she would get kicked out and ends up dumping her. Will begs Kayla to come back but she declines.

Skye Sailor (2014- present  Girlfriend; Teammate)Edit

Skye is Nick's new girlfriend and replacement of Kayla. He seems to think more things of her than Kayla and sees her as the pefect girlfriend.


You know, some parents are proud of their children for who they are.

 winners should be whith winners

I got to hand it to you CLOUD, the team's lookin... better

 back off you kinda smell like dogs

That sucks, cause it's really gonna hurt when I beat you to the resort

 if kalyla gets hurt trying to do the cloud 9 you youll  get it

To win this competition I need to do something epic. Like the Cloud 9.


  • He is a cheater because he got Kayla kicked off Team Swift on purpose (he didn't want to, but his dad made him).
  • He always obeys his dad's orders (even if he doesn't want to).
  • He is very serious about snowboarding.
  • He dumped Kayla for a sore loser.
  • He keeps on making fun of Will and where he works at is silly.
  • He is very competetive.
  • At the end of the movie, he gives up the Fire and Ice competition and seems to be changed, and a better person, and he hopes that Kayla will win, because he thinks she deserves to win more than he does.
  • He dated Kayla.
  • He's dating Skye.
  • He is seen as the antogonist.


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